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About Us


Graduated in Commerce and in Engineering, Jeremy built himself and his career throughout his international experience (France, UK, Russia, Switzerland). He believes that the impact and the influence of meeting extensive amount of people from different cultures, is certainly the source of his passion for Consulting.

After having developed successfully other firms for the last 15 years as an Executive Search & Recruitment Expert, the creation of JFL Consulting, and its brand JFL Executive Search, was the logical next step in his professional journey. The firm was founded with the ambition to push further the collaboration performance and to continue to challenge the status quo in a historical sphere.

Today JFL Consulting, is developing successfully his Executive Search & Recruitment approach via 3 main axes: Recruitment Performance, Business Partnering and Employer Branding.

Jeremy Florat

Executive Search Expert &
Founder of JFL Executive

Purpose And Mission


To generate personal satisfaction and professional success for our Clients, Candidates and for Ourselves


To be recognized as a key Business Partner and to become a leading actor in the sphere of Executive Search & Recruitment

Potential New Client

Get the benefit of a real Business Partner. Without any collaboration engagement from your side, JFL Executive Search is welcoming any introduction meeting, being ready to share our insight in your market, to assist you to tunes your candidate profiling based on your organisation chart, and to advise on the best strategy to successfully hire your next Top Executive.

Existing Client

Collaborating with JFL Executive Search guarantees that you will receive qualitative feedback from the market throughout the collaboration, especially during key moments for your business. This feedback will help you anticipate trends and identify risks and opportunities before your competition

Values and Belief

At JFL Executive Search, we live by our values and beliefs, creating a positive and complementary energy focused on the same direction. Operating in the “human consulting” sphere, we understand that the foundation and future of our organization rest on people, our Team. Thanks to their talents and motivation to succeed with JFL Executive Search, we thrive. In return, JFL Consulting guide them to realize their potential and achieve their personal goals.

Trust, Commitment & Performance

No short gain, we bet on the long run!

Human Oriented & 

Back to the essence of Consulting

Your Present and Future in your Leader’s hands

We truly understand how crucial executive search is to your success

Trust, Commitment & Performance

No short gain, we bet on the long run!

Human Oriented & 

Back to the essence of Consulting

Your present and future in the hands of your Leaders

We really understand the impact of Executive Search for your success