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Executive Search in FMCG

A constant growing and very competitive sector, pushing each actor to fight to attract the best talents. In FMCG, employees pay a lot of attention to corporate culture, and HR practices are usually a benchmark, that’s why to have an Executive Search partner able to match a similar high service standard is a must

Successful Missions

  • Eastern Europe Zone General Director
  • General ManagerRussia
  • CFO
  • Marketing Director
  • Sourcing & Procurement Director
  • KADirector
  • Production Director
  • Commercial Director
  • Supply Chain Director

Why to choose us

FMCG is part of the DNK of JFL Executive Search. It represents 40 to 60% from our missions year after year. We can consider that both FMCG and JFL Executive Search have actively contributed to each other’s success and development.

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