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Executive Search in other Sectors

JFL Executive Search is not limited to these sectors and has also achieved successful track records in other industries, including both niche and mainstream sectors. In Executive Search, the expertise is the Approach !

Successful Missions

  • Principal (Consulting)
  • Partner (Consulting)
  • Head of HSE (Agro)
  • Head of IT Cybersecurity (Agro)
  • Chief Accountant (Services)
  • Head of Operation (Service),
  • Head of Legal (Service),
  • HRD (Food Tech),
  • Deputy CEO (Multi-businesses Holding)



Why Choose Us

Our success across diverse sectors showcases our adaptability. With a commitment to speed, quality, and tailored solutions, we ensure top-tier executive matches for your unique business needs. Trust JFL Executive Search for exceptional results, regardless of your sector.

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