JFL Executive Search

Approach & Added Values


Single Point Approach

Less intermediates, more talent

In JFL Executive Search the full cycle is done by one project leader. By concentrating the full cycle on 1 Expert, you gain in quality, confidentiality, communication accuracy, reactivity and, as a result, you increase the overall performance of the collaboration.


Customer Satisfaction

Our best success

Despite our outstanding results in an industry which is very competitive. We are humble enough to not pretend to win the totality of our missions. However, we are proud that our customer satisfaction is maximal and for us this the most valuable success.



We constantly challenge ourself

At JFL Executive Executive, our objective is to find the right fit for our clients by ensuring that we propose the best candidates who match your unique requirements. That’s why we don’t limit our search to our database, recent similar projects or easy-access solutions


Discreet communication for louder results

Thanks to JFL Executive Search's approach of assigning one mission to one project leader, we have better control over the information. This approach also enables us to build trust and maintain more qualitative communication, both with clients and candidates.

Market Trust

The key to every door

Our human-centered approach, coupled with our market experience and strong reputation for prioritizing "quality over quantity," is widely recognized in the market by both clients and candidates. This reputation gives us a significant advantage to reach our targets.


Our network is hot, dynamic, and is growing daily

With over 20 years of experience in the consulting industry, a multi-cultural team, a work experience in 4 countries, a fluency in 3 languages, and pioneering the creation of job search groups (with over 25,000 members), the network of JFL Executive Search is hot, dynamic, and is growing daily.